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Life in the days of me

Of those so close beside me, which are you?

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16 January 1983
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I am a 2006 graduate from the University of Washington in philosophy and interdisciplinary engineering. I have an itchy mind: I love mental stimulation and learn things voraciously. I love going on adventures, but will never quite go "on vacation". I meditate, catnap, and cuddle, but will very rarely relax. Not doing things kills me (though "things to be done" are extensive, and there's usually no danger of that!) I quit my job at the end of January 2009 in order to pursue interests and a lifestyle I haven't had time for in the past while. For the rest of my life I intend to engage in guerrilla art/creation/restoration and fighting bad guys (I get to define who the bad guys are). At some point I'll probably go to law school (for very much those reasons, and because I think law school would be fun).

I'm a moral relativist in the sense that I recognize the existence of everyone's personal moral code (though I don't let that fact override my own moral beliefs if/where the two contradict). I support minimal government and letting kids get skinned knees while exploring the world as they're growing up. I'm Russian. I firmly believe in the value of enhancing one's understanding of life (on both an intellectual and a more fundamental level).The concepts of Shibumi and consistency are central to me. I am not an addict of anything, but I am a steadfast supporter of the legalization of drugs. I'm a physical and mental connection junkie and usually get my fix through tango and blues dancing.

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